Timely notification for updates.

Blanket Emails to all team members, contractors, subcontractors and clients only cause congestion and confusion in communications.

TASK AVIATOR™ allows the Project Manager and/or Administrator to easily categorize different types of events, alerts, bugs and more. Each category can have specific team members, contractors, sub-contractors and etcetera assigned as “Needing to know”. In this way, all persons involved with the Project stay alert to what they are receiving as opposed to being buried under tens or hundreds of daily emails that have no bearing on their position in a Project. Email alerts keep all team members updated and on track efficiently and with maximum impact.

Key Features

  • Email notifications are sent for every update.
  • Notification Categorization for accurate email distribution to those that need to know.
  • The offered feature helps in differentiating the important events and assignments from others.